Thank you for your constant inspiration and encouragement. It is making a significant difference in the pursuit of my dreams. You ROCK!


I was fortunate to coach with Jacqueline Clark. I found her smart, warm, wise, compassionate, and insightful. She clearly knows her work, loves it, and relates well with her clients. If you’re looking for coaching, you’d do well to choose to work with her. She makes you comfortable and helps you see and interpret things that will help you grow.


To say that my marriage has been challenging for the past 4 years would be a slight understatement. And, communication was always our biggest issue. Spending time at Jacqueline’s all day workshop, Keeping Passion Alive was a day well spent! It gave me some great tools and helped me identify my primary needs as well as my husbands – which is allowing us to communicate much more clearly and without as many bumps in the road. I would highly recommend Jacqueline’s workshop to any married couple!


Jacqueline has a compassionate and nurturing soul. This is very apparent when you speak with her as evidenced by her tone, her listening skills and her questions. I presented my problem to her and together we brainstormed possible solutions which provided me with a realistic strategy to reach my goal. You will benefit greatly by working with her.


Jacqueline’s seminar is full of tools and strategies for couples working to improve their love relationships. She is passionate about her work, and offers fresh and exciting insights to struggling couples!


Jacqueline brings incredible insight and sensitivity to our sessions, and I always feel safe with her. I have spent decades in therapy, couples counseling and self-development seminars, yet Jacqueline has helped me so much in terms of providing solutions for my relationship issues. She also helps me see my alleged (!) obstacles from more empowered perspectives. Thank you, Jacqueline, you have been a huge gift in my life!


Jacqueline is an amazing coach, and I was incredibly fortunate to work with her. I have been going through a very destructive and painful divorce for almost a year, and she took me further faster in my healing journey than any other coach or therapist I have ever worked with. I have had years of individual therapy and couples therapy, but working with Jacqueline was a completely different experience. The exercises she employed were extremely effective and dramatically changed my attitude and behaviors surrounding my divorce and are now helping me move forward feeling empowered. I have even started dating the kindest man I’ve ever met, and that was completely unfathomable 2 months ago. Jacqueline, I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done with me. Xoxo

Dasha, Dallas, TX

Jacqueline Clark has been an immense help and inspiration to me as a coach. She gave me tools and opened my mind up to reality and how I was responding to things. As a result, I have noticed a drastic improvement in my self-esteem – and within a 24 hr period. What amazing results. I owe her my gratitude and deep respect. What a great channel to work through by using coaching!